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Client Testimonials

Image by Shridhar Gupta

Anne Bailey, CEO & Co-Founder
Form the Future CIC

August 2022

"Sally joined our team when we launched a new project and needed to engage the business community in a new region quickly.

She delivered exactly what we needed, showed huge enthusiasm for the project and our work, and sought additional opportunities to help at all points.

Sally is a huge asset to any business development effort particularly when the cause aligns with her values."

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Alex Hughes, CEO & Founder
Inspire 2 Ignite CIC

February 2023

"Sally is incredible at building, nurturing and converting pipelines. We have worked together on a couple of projects and I am always in awe of her approach to driving growth to our projects.

I have worked with business development professionals in different industries over the last decade, Sally is in the top 1% of those individuals."

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