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SIMBEO Business Development

Delivering impactful projects in The East of England

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SIMBEO provides a socially focused business development service.

A traditional definition, and certainly one that I was taught in Business School is that Business Development activities make a business 'better' by increasing profitability.

A SIMBEO project can, and does deliver this key measurable, but at the heart of every project is the drive to increase social outcomes in the communities which we serve. 

By investing in community and demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility, businesses can not only drive incredible profits but also enhance their reputation, and create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. 

That is what truly makes a business 'better'. And this is the space in which we work. 

We deliver flexible, creative solutions to enable businesses and communities to emerge post-pandemic, taking full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities out there.

Invaluable support for founders, community leaders and managers to work smarter, to simplify the complicated and to see connections that are not always obvious.

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